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La Boheme-Marasla-gold/black-CL18412

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The sleek Boho Chic leather burgundy(marasla)red and black/gold modern minimal. Elegant style presented in a grey leather pouch offers easily changeable/customizable leather bracelet. The elegant watch offers a style versatility thanks to its pure silhouette.

 Detailed description



Movement: battery

The watch is powered by a battery.

Strap material: leather

Leather is one of the most popular materials used in the manufacturing of Precision straps. It looks elegant, feels warm, and easily adapts to the wrist.

Water resistance: 30M/3ATM

Watches marked with water tightness 30M/3ATM are designed for incidental contact with water (car wash, rain). 30M/3ATM indicates the degree of water resistance standardized by ISO 2281. ISO tests include temperature changes, depth, pressure (water and air) for different times under rest during manipulation with the operative part of the watch.

Crystal: mineral

Currently the most widespread type of watch glass. It's very hard and has a high content of silicon thanks to which it's highly scratch- and impact-resistant. However, it doesn't mean that it is completely scratch-resistant.

Closure type: Standard closing